There is a rush in Texas to build transmission lines in an effort to promote wind power.  At a cost of $6.8 billion, the transmission lines will serve to transmit wind energy from remote areas to the more populated cities, such as Dallas.  Texans will likely pay for this project through future electric bills, projected at approximately $5 per month per electric customer for years to come.  Wind developers are eagerly awaiting completion of the lines, which are expected to spur more development in West Texas, where some Turbines must stop spinning at windy times because there are not enough transmission lines to carry the power to other parts of the state.

The rush to build transmission lines has also brought increased businesses to towns like Sweetwater, where the hub on construction is centered.  Hotel business has increased by approximately 35% because of the work being done in the area.  Work on the lines is expected to be completed by 2013, and while work is going smoothly, there are occasional glitches.  Construction workers have to be aware of high winds, lightening and rattlesnakes.

With all of the current work on transmission lines being done, wind has been made competitive on the market once again.

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