In Roscoe, Texas home of the world’s largest wind farm  wind-energy-service companies sit on the same street as the old grocery store, and so does the headquarters warehouse of E.On Climate & Renewables, a unit of Germany-based E.On AG that owns the Roscoe wind farm.  The project has 627 turbines — one for every two inhabitants of Roscoe — and employs about 70 technicians, including contractors and staffers. It has enough capacity to power 230,000 homes, most of them in the more populated eastern parts of the state.

Roscoe is in Nolan County, which has approximately 17,000 people and nearly 10% of U.S. wind-power-generating capacity — built in just the past decade. The financial crisis and bottlenecks in transmission capacity have slowed the proliferation of wind turbines, but the area has become a powerhouse for an emerging technology that advocates say would help reduce U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases. Read more about Texas Wind Power.