The Texas legslature passed H.B. 3676 toward the very end of the 2009 legislative session.  The bill amends provisions in the Texas Tax Code regarding tax abatements for certain types of equipment used in renewable energy projects.  Uncertainty regarding the prior version of the statute arose under Texas Attorney General’s Opinion GA-0600 published on January 29, 2008.  Additional uncertainty had arisen around the renewable energy tax abatement provision in April 2008 when a lawsuit was filed regarding language in the prior statute (see Rankin, et al v Commisioners Courty of Taylor County, Texas, et al, 350th Judicial District, District Courty, Taylor County, Texas, Cause No. 8387-D).   Passage of H.B. 3676 is expected to resolve the uncertainty created by the Texas AG opinion and the Taylor County lawsuit.  Read Full Texas of Bill Here