Duke and So Cal Ed explore energy storage


Energy storage has been dubbed the "holy grail" of grid operators, that notion thrived better when it applied to a vague ideal rather than cold reality. Today, with long- and short- duration energy storage alternatives to pumped hydro moving from lab to market, the quest has become vastly more complicated and the goal more elusive. [...]

Duke and So Cal Ed explore energy storage2012-07-10T10:00:42+00:00

Wind Drives Growing Use of Batteries


Increased wind energy development is resulting in new efforts to  develop better storage of electrical energy.  Delivery of electricity from wind energy generation is sometimes difficult to schedule; reliable storage can smooth out how wind energy integrates with electric utility grids.  Some companies even see opportunities to profit through arbitrage, by buying electricity from wind [...]

Wind Drives Growing Use of Batteries2010-07-28T07:59:39+00:00