Energy secretary announces $16 million for Iowa


 In an announcement given on Monday June 22, 2009, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu state Iowa will receive $16 million for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, an amount that likely will grow to $40 million as the state ramps up its efforts. According to the anouncement, officials will monitor the initial state spending before allocating the [...]

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Texas Oilmen Turn to Renewable Energy


With mounting national interest in renewable energy, oil companies are starting to think in renewable terms. President Obama's $800 billion economic stimulus, which contains incentives for renewable projects, has helped push the swing. The most visible example of the shift has been T. Boone Pickens, the iconic Texas oil tycoon who has been promoting his [...]

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Bingaman Pushes Grant Plan for Renewable Energy


Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M) is urging Congress to include a new incentive program for renewable energy in the economic recovery package. The plan would stimulate renewable energy production by offering an alternative to tax equity financing, while ensuring protection for taxpayers. Read More

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Recovery Bill Includes Funding For Renewables


The House of Representatives has passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009 by a vote of 244 to 188. This legislation includes several measures to promote the use of renewable energy and provide improvements to the country's transmission system. "Action on this economic recovery package will create American jobs now, lay a foundation [...]

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