ITC Great Plains Receives Rate, Incentive Approvals


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved a rate for ITC Great Plains transmission facilities in Kansas and elsewhere in the Southwest Power Pool Inc. (SPP) region. FERC acknowledged the benefits of independent transmission companies like ITC Great Plains and approved rate incentives to help expedite investment in Kansas' high-voltage electricity grid. Read More

ITC Great Plains Receives Rate, Incentive Approvals2009-03-20T18:28:29+00:00

Wind Energy PTC and ITC Trade-Offs


New laws will soon offer the wind energy industry the option to choose an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) instead of a Production Tax Credit (PTC). Understanding the economic impact of these options involves complex modeling and analysis of tax code effects. Advantage for Analysts® ("Advantage"), the leading provider of financial modeling solutions for tax equity [...]

Wind Energy PTC and ITC Trade-Offs2009-02-13T18:19:37+00:00

House Panel Passes Renewable Tax Fix, But Senate Balks


Economic stimulus legislation approved by the House Ways and Means Committee last week includes language that would allow renewable energy developers to convert tax credits into cash via a proposed new Energy Department grant program. However, the legislation, which the ailing wind and solar industries say is vital to their ability to attract investment, faces [...]

House Panel Passes Renewable Tax Fix, But Senate Balks2009-01-27T00:05:48+00:00