Texas Supreme Court Applies Accommodation Doctrine to Groundwater


In a decision issued on May 27, 2016 the Texas Supreme Court ruled that Texas' “accommodation doctrine” should also apply to groundwater, in addition to oil and gas. The accommodation doctrine requires mineral owners — considered the dominant estate — to accommodate the surface owner’s existing use of the land if at all possible. While it [...]

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Texas Groundwater Rules Discussed by Senate Committee


On Tuesday April 2, 2013, the Senate Natural Resources Committee discussed whether to tighten rules governing water wells used to supply hydraulic fracturing operations. The discussion centered on Senate Bill 873, carried by state Sen. Glenn Hegar, R-Katy, which would allow local groundwater authorities to require oil and gas companies using water for fracking to [...]

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Suppliers Turn To Reclaimed Water


The demand for water has increased throughout Texas recently, and is magnified by the extreme drought conditions visited upon the majority of the state over the last several years. As this demand has grown, Texas water suppliers have begun to explore options to supplement the withdrawal of water from a watercourse or well. Some are [...]

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