Will title insurance cover faulty foreclosures?


With the recent hold on proceeding with foreclosures and potential misdeeds of large financial institutions like GMAC, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase, several are left wondering whether they are going to be able to take back or give back foreclosed property.  Title insurance, which is usually a fee that purchasers have to buy [...]

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Austin commercial foreclosure postings skyrocket


Foreclosures on commercial real estate in Austin, Texas increased 139 % during the first half of 2009 as compared to a similar period last year.   Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures

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Texas Senate Jurisprudence Committee Considers Foreclosure Fee


Texas' Senate Jurisprudence Committee met April 15, 2009 and considered a bill (SB 2214)which would impose a $150 fee on foreclosure filings; proceeds from the fee would be sued to help fund civil legal services for poor Texans.  Read More Here

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Debtor relief


Texas legislators are filing bills that would provide debtors with additional protections against foreclosure.  SB 472 would increase the mandatory cure period before a lender could post to foreclose on a residence from 20 to 45 days.  It would also require foreclosure notices to be accompanied by a new canary yellow sheet of consumer protection tips, [...]

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Real Estate Developers Seek Federal Bailout Funds


As commerical real estate and development loans come due, more and more commerical propety owners are worried about their ability to refinance these loans in the current lending environment.   Commercial real estate borrowers and lobbyists have begun to approach Treasury Secretary Paulson and the Bush Administration about being included in some of the recent federal loan programs.  Without federal help [...]

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