A complaint was filed October 19 with the International Trade Commission by the U.S. Unit of Bonn-based Solar World AG.  They are seeking to protect U.S. solar panel makers from unfair competition from China, and request that the government impose duties on more than $1 billion of Chinese imports.   The complaint alleges that Chinese companies have sold solar panels below cost, harming U.S. solar manufacturers.   However, it may harm other parts of the U.S. solar industry.  Arno Harris, CEO of Recurrent Energy, was quoted as saying that the group of manufacturers who filed the complaint product was not competitive, and they have turned to trade mechanisms to  try to level the playing field.  However, Chinese companies are not benefiting- they are suffering as well.   Those within the solar industry feel that the dispute is between manufacturers, rather than indicative of the whole industry.

SolarWorld is part of a newly formed Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing, whose six members are also petitioners in the complaint.    China based solar companies said they were confident in their position, and are well-prepared to substantiate their compliance with fair international trade practices.

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