The Electricity Storage Association (ESA) and the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) have created a joint principles document to level the playing field for clean energy technologies, such as wind.  One challenge addressed is energy storage.  ESA Executive Director Brad Roberts stated that ESA advocates for the use of energy storage to modernize the power grid.  Wind energy makes the grid cleaner, and energy storage makes the grid more flexible and reliable.

The agreed principles in the document include the value of energy storage across the utility industry, not just the wind industry.    ESA and AWEA would like more focus on energy storage and potential solutions to strategically store energy on wind farms.  Policies supported by both ESA and AWEA include creating wholesale energy markets and ancillary services markets; basing market and operating rules around the type of service needed; and low cost grid operating reforms, which could create more competition and ensure that the grid operates more efficiently.

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