October 13, 2009.  Governor Bill Richardson today announced that New Mexico will be home to the Tres Amigas Super Station, which will connect America’s three main power grids – opening the door to more efficient delivery of renewable energy through the nation’s power transmission infrastructure.  “New Mexico leads the way in green and renewable energy development,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “But we need the ability to send energy produced in New Mexico to surrounding states. Tres Amigas will break that barrier, creating a larger market for our energy.


New Mexico is proud to be chosen as the site for this unique renewable energy market hub.”  “The United States is embarking on an aggressive renewable energy plan, yet we lack a national transmission backbone to support our vision,” U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman stated. “By tying the nation’s three power grids together, the Tres Amigas station will catalyze the adoption of renewable power while at the same time increasing the reliability of our electricity network, which is fundamental to the expansion of the U.S. economy.”


The Tres Amigas Super Station will be comprised of three voltage-source AC/DC power converters, which will be connected by up to 20 miles of gigawatt-scale superconductor DC power cables, creating a triangular electricity pathway. This pathway will be similar to highway rotaries that are used to control traffic flow. In the case of Tres Amigas, multiple power transmission lines will carry power from each of the three national power grids into and out of the Tres Amigas Super Station, allowing balancing of power between the three different grids.  Tres Amigas will help ensure the smooth, uninterrupted flow of power from multiple generation sources in all three-power grids to customers across a wide area of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.   New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Press Release    

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