The course is intended for new lawyers and for experienced lawyers new to real estate law or as a refresher to more experienced lawyers.

We will help you with those ‘off the top of our head issues’ like:

-My seller-finance lender died. How do I get a release now that I’ve paid off the note?

-What do you mean they can drill on my land – the broker said I was getting the ‘surface rights’?

-My mom has a life estate but she’s NCM – how do I sell the land/grant and easement/lease the minerals?

-Grandpa sold the front 40 acres and kept the back part (but no easement to get there) – why is this a problem to my new lender?

-The old fence doesn’t match the calls in the deed – what can I do?

-Dad’s will divided the properties to a series of trusts that were never formally created – who owns the property?

-Can I just use a quitclaim deed?

-Divorce lawyers did not handle the real property – how do I get my name off the loan?

-How do I get a valid legal description?

-My mother-in-law just died, how do we change the title to her home?

And many more…