CPS Energy  accepted bids in May for a 50-megawatt solar energy project, to be  located in San Antonio.   However, they recently  notified companies that had submitted bids that they have until July 16, 2011 to resubmit their proposals- increasing their bid for up to 400 megawatts of solar energy.  The reason for the drastic increase in the size of the project is due to the dramatic drop in the price of solar components.  As prices of the components drop, the prices of solar energy also decrease.     The amended request for bids also contains the original requirement for an economic development component to the proposal, hopefully resulting in a solar manufacturing or assembly plant that would attract suppliers and increased employment to the region.

If built, a solar project of this size would put San Antonio into the top tier of solar projects internationally.  The largest solar installation project in the world is in Ontario, with 97 megawatts of energy produced, followed by 84 and 53 megawatt projects in Italy, Germany and Spain.

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