Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Law

For the last twenty-one years, Stahl, Davies, Sewell, Chavarria & Friend, LLP has assisted clients in reaching their energy goals. In fact, we have provided support for more than 25 GW of operating wind, solar, and battery projects in Texas and beyond. Our attorneys have broad experience guiding clients from project inception to commercial production by assisting in all aspects of the development, operation, finance, acquisition, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects.

Our firm’s attorneys possess backgrounds in commercial real estate, state and local tax, natural resources, oil and gas, construction, and environmental law and rely on this experience to provide unparalleled service to our clients. We prepare ground leases, easements, options to purchase, crossing agreements, surface waivers, accommodation arrangements, and related documents for wind, solar and battery projects. For our project developer clients, we analyze and resolve the myriad legal, title, and survey issues that arise in the development of an energy project and closely collaborate with governmental agencies, project lenders, hedge providers, and tax equity investors in coordinating the range of real estate instruments, government approvals, property tax incentive agreements, surveys, title policies, and legal opinion letters necessary to close deals. Our firm performs due diligence and project review for investors, lenders, buyers, and related parties. We provide counsel to our clients regarding regulatory requirements, Texas tax issues, and environmental and permitting issues involved in project construction and development. We also prepare, review, and advise clients on engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) agreements and balance of plant (BOP) agreements for energy projects.

We have the unique capability to operate as a part of your team, and our attorneys welcome that role. We view your project like you do: as an opportunity to further energy independence, environmental stewardship, and economic development at the ground level. Our team understands where you come from and where you are going because we want to get there, too. Contact us to inquire how we can work together.

Below is a partial list of publicly announced renewable energy projects we have worked on.

Wind Projects

Anacacho 100 MW

Bethel 277 MW

Bitter Ridge 130 MW

Boiling Springs 148 MW

Brazos Wind 160 MW

Briscoe Wind 149.85 MW

Bruenning’s Breeze Wind 228 MW

Camp Springs I & II 250.5 MW

Canadian Breaks 200 MW

Champion 126.5 MW

Coyote Wind 242 MW

Cranell 200 MW

Dermott 253 MW

Desert Sky (Repower) 153 MW

Electra 230 MW

Elbow Creek 122 MW

Goat Mountain 150 MW

Goldthwaite Wind 148.6 MW

Grape Creek Wind 525 MW

Green Pastures Wind I 150 MW

Green Pastures Wind II 150 MW

Gunsight Mountain 120 MW

Haystack Wind 298MW

Heart of Texas 180 MW

Hereford Wind 200 MW

Horse Creek 230 MW

Inadale 197 MW

Jumbo Road 300 MW

Karankawa Wind 307 MW

King Mountain 281.2 MW

Langford (Repower) 160 MW

Lockett Wind 184 MW

Logan’s Gap 200 MW

Mariah Del Norte 230 MW

Maverick 286 MW

McAdoo 150 MW

Mesquite Sky 345 MW

Miami Wind 288.6 MW

Munnsville 35 MW

Osage County 150 MW

Panther Creek 143 MW

Panther Creek III (Repower) 215.64 MW

Papalote Creek I 180 MW

Papalote Creek II 200 MW

Perryton Wind 298 MW

Persimmon Creek 1 200 MW

Pioneer Trail 150 MW

Plum Creek Wind 230 MW

Pumpkin Farm Wind 280.6 MW

Pyron 249 MW

Ranchero Wind 300 MW

Rattlesnake 207.2 MW

Raymond Wind 440 MW

Rocksprings Val Verde 149 MW

Roscoe 209 MW

Sage Draw 338.4 MW

San Roman 105 MW

Santa Rita East 302.4 MW

Santa Rita Wind 300 MW

Senate 150 MW

Settlers Trail 150 MW

Southwest Mesa 74.9 MW

Stanton 120 MW

Stella Wind 201 MW

Stony Creek 52.5 MW

Sundance 199 MW

Sweetwater Wind 1 (Repower) 41 MW

Sweetwater Wind 2 (Repower) 99 MW

Sweetwater Wind 3 (Repower) 135 MW

Tahoka Wind 300 MW

Traverse 999 MW

Trent Mesa (Repower) 167 MW

Turkey Track 170 MW

Wake 257 MW

Western Trail Wind 366.60MW

White Deer 80 MW

White Mesa Wind 500 MW

Wildcat 200 MW

Wildorado 160 MW

Willow Springs 250 MW

Woodward Mountain 159.7 MW

Solar Projects

Alamo 6 110 MW

Alamo 7 106 MW

Anson Solar 200 MW

Azure Solar 284 MW
+ Storage 95 MW

Bandera Electric 1.9 MW

Blue Jay Solar 270 MW
+ Storage 59 MW

Buckthorn 200 MW

California Flats North 130 MW
+ Storage 60 MW

California Flats South 150 MW

Catan Solar 13 MW

Fort Bend Solar 200 MW

Galloway 250 MW

Holstein 200 MW

Imperial Valley 23 MW

Ivory 50 MW

Lamesa Solar II 50 MW

Long Draw Solar 225 MW

Maplewood 222 MW

Maplewood 2 28 MW

Maricopa West 20 MW

Midway Solar 178 MW

Mount Signal 328 MW

Oberon Solar 150 MW

Old 300 Solar 430 MW

Otero County Electric 3 MW

Pearl 50 MW

Permian Energy Center 420 MW
+ Storage 40 MW

Pflugerville 185 MW

Pumpjack Solar I 20 MW

Rambler 200 MW

Roadrunner Solar I 252 MW

Roadrunner Solar II 245 MW

Rio Bravo Solar I 20 MW

Rio Bravo Solar II 20 MW

Roserock Solar 150 MW

Samson I  250 MW

Samson II 250 MW

Shakes Solar 270 MW

Springbok 3 121 MW

SunE Beacon Site 2 59 MW

SunE Beacon Site 5 47.2 MW

Taygete I 250MW

Townsite Solar 180 MW
+ Storage 90 MW

Wagyu Solar 162 MW