The Spanish company, Gamesa, which specializes in technologies for alternative energy, has teamed up with Texas A&M to create the G10X, soon to be the nation’s largest wind turbine. The turbine will be at West Texas A&M Campus in Canyon, Texas, 15 miles south of Amarillo.

“West Texas A&M University is ideally located for the testing of wind turbines, with not only abundant but also the most consistent wind in the country. We have been engaged in wind energy research and standards development for over 30 years, and are committed to continued leadership in these activities,” said Vaughn Nelson, director of the Alternative Energy Institute.

In addition to taking advantage of West Texas squalls and converting them to electrical energy, the turbine will be an object of extensive research and development. The majority of students participating in research will be engineering majors. Those using the turbine for study include aerospace, mechanical, civil, electrical and industrial engineers. Read more about G10X.